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FETA CHEESE WITH SESAME & HONEY Small_feta-cheese-with-sesame-&-honey A recipe for a traditional Greek delicacy with Feta cheese What is Feta cheese Small_feta_new Feta is described to be a soft brined white cheese with tiny holes without skin. It is usually made in large blocksformation which then is soaked in brine. What is healthy eating? Small_epoch_products_greek_salad_by_ruth_l When some people hear the phrase 'healthy eating' they may run for the hills at the thought of lettuce and celery sticks! Healthy eating does not have to be boring Experiencing the original Greek Salad for the First Time Small_epoch_products_greek_salad_by_ruth_l Many people will remember the first time they ever took a bite out of the original Greek Salad 10 Greek meals that Greek Feta is necessary to eat with Small_epoch_products_feta_saganaki_by merle ja joonas Feta is one of the most used ingredients in many Greek meals. This crumbly cheese has a salty and delicious taste that makes it great in salads, pastry and as a table cheese. Here are the 10 Greek meals that feta is necessary to eat with! Why Greek people love feta so much Small_epoch_products_feta_bread_by_theresac So why is the Greek national cheese so important to our cuisine? What is hidden behind the common misconceptions about the infamous feta cheese? 10 Tips to Guide You to Healthy Eating Small_epoch_products_healthy_eating_child Being healthy is very important not only for the reason of having a good appearance but also for keeping our body stronger and more resistant to diseases. What makes Feta so different from other white cheeses? Small_feta_new Feta is the cheese that caused a series of legal battles, which lasted more than ten years. The result was for feta to be registered as a protected designation of origin (PDO) product. 5 tips for healthy eating with Greek products Small_epoch_products_greek_dinner_by_avlxyz The Greek diet is regarded as one of the healthiest in the world; the high consumption of olive oil, fruit and vegetables, the moderate intake of fresh fish and healthy dairy (such as feta and Greek yoghurt) is proven to be beneficial for the body in many ways. Feta Cheese - the real deal Small_feta_new.jpeg _cropped Feta cheese has been made in the rocky mountains and coastlands of Greece since Homer's Cyclops herded sheep. 5 popular Greek delicatessen products Small_baked_feta_by plassen Olive oil is the bedrock of Greek cuisine, and pride of place on the deli shelves are bottles of PDO Kalamata Organic Extra Virgin olive oil. 7 Great Dishes Made With Greek Deli Products Small_epoch_products_feta_with_sesame A look at some fantastic meals you can create with Greek deli products. What are the different types of Greek Cuisine? Small_portait_spicy_meat_balls Greek Cuisine are a great and varied selection, influenced by many countries and traditions as well as being infused with Greece’s own traditional heritage and culinary experimentation. St. Patrick’s Day, the Greek way Small_epoch_products_stpatrick_by_istolethetv What is more traditional than going out for drinks on Saint Patrick’s Day? Greek cheese varieties Small_feta_new.jpeg _cropped Cheese is an important ingredient in many Greek dishes. Whilst cheese can be the main ingredient in a dish, it can be used to sweeten a recipe, and add texture and aroma. Here are some of the cheeses which are favored in Greek cooking. The battle of feta! Small_popup_feta In 2002 a European ruling recognized feta cheese as a Greek branded product under the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Prior to the ruling, the battle for feta had been going on for thirteen years because of challenges with other European Union nations. GREEK STYLE BRUSCHETTA Small_greek-style-bruschetta A recipe for Bruschetta with greek feta cheese SPINACH PIE (SPANAKOPITA) Small_spinach_pie An easy and healthy recipe... Stuffed Olives: Versatile & Healthy Small_popup_halkidikijumbo Stuffed olives can be a healthy, alternative and versatile snack, appetizer or addition to your food or drink.   Who said you can’t have your feta and eat it too? Small_feta_new.jpeg _cropped Cheese in general is a vital component of health eating as long as we know the facts behind it and choose it wisely. Feta has been debated, supported or opposed as a healthy nutritional choice mainly on the grounds of its high sodium and cholesterol levels. But how valid are these arguments? Greek style Cheese: Does this only mean Feta? Small_popup_feta When anyone mentions the words ‘Greek’ and ‘cheese’ in the same sentence the first, in fact the only cheese that comes to mind, is Feta, yet Greece produces many other good cheeses.  How to choose a good Feta cheese Small_feta_new.jpeg _cropped Selecting a really great Feta involves so much more than reaching for a pack of white ‘salad cheese’ Where does feta go when it leaves Greece? Small_feta_by_rebecca_siegel Although 85% of the feta in Europe is consumed in Greece, world levels of feta consumption are high. Greek feta cheese exports are rising during the last years, to 35 countries and in 5 continents.