Epoch: A brand inspired by nature

A unique brand, whose philosophy and soul is deeply rooted in the sacred land of Greece, with a direct link to nature’s changing seasons. An epoch is a point in  time which marks the beginning of a specific period in the history of anything. Olives and olive oil are amongst the simplest and most significant products of Greek nature, and nature’s seasons are their secret. The yearly change of seasons, nature’s own signs to sow seeds, harvest crops and gather fruit, is what makes epoch products come to life. So, for all of our carefully selected products carrying the Epoch logo, nature is everything. In essence, it is our main “producer”. We believe in it, we work with it, we rely on it. We do as little as possible in order to not spoil its work and yet offer you superior quality products that proudly meet all industry standards and exceed your expectations.

This balance of nature and expertise is Epoch’s single reason to be,
in order to achieve a taste of pure Greece