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Experiencing the original Greek Salad for the First Time Small_epoch_products_greek_salad_by_ruth_l Many people will remember the first time they ever took a bite out of the original Greek Salad 10 Tips to Guide You to Healthy Eating Small_epoch_products_healthy_eating_child Being healthy is very important not only for the reason of having a good appearance but also for keeping our body stronger and more resistant to diseases. 5 Salads to eat If you want healthy food Small_epoch_products_green_for_salad_by_martathegoodone When people say the word salad it is often refer to fresh and raw green vegetables salad with the usual typical salad dressing. Benefits of olive oil Small_epoch_products_tomato_salad_by_jules-stonesoup Olive oil is obtained from the fats of the fruit of the olive tree which is very common in the Mediterranean area. 5 tips for healthy eating with Greek products Small_epoch_products_greek_dinner_by_avlxyz The Greek diet is regarded as one of the healthiest in the world; the high consumption of olive oil, fruit and vegetables, the moderate intake of fresh fish and healthy dairy (such as feta and Greek yoghurt) is proven to be beneficial for the body in many ways. Five fasting menu ideas Small_olive_bread_rolls_by_yoames_1 Fasting during the Lent is pretty common in Greece. Most people stay away from meat and dairy and some even fast from fish and oil, up until Easter.  GREEK STYLE BRUSCHETTA Small_greek-style-bruschetta A recipe for Bruschetta with greek feta cheese GREEK YELLOW SPLIT PEAS (FAVA) Small_fava 2 cups yellow split peas, pickled over and rinsed, 1 finely chopped onion, Salt and freshly ground black pepper... The health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Small_olive_oil_by_smabs sputzer Olive oil is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years and its nutritional value and benefits in overall health cannot be emphasized enough! There are different types of olive oil, but extra virgin olive oil may be the healthiest as it reduces heart disease and damage from free radicals and acts preventatively against breast and colon cancer. Who said you can’t have your feta and eat it too? Small_feta_new.jpeg _cropped Cheese in general is a vital component of health eating as long as we know the facts behind it and choose it wisely. Feta has been debated, supported or opposed as a healthy nutritional choice mainly on the grounds of its high sodium and cholesterol levels. But how valid are these arguments? Organic Certification process in Epoch Products Small_planitis On 1 January 2009 new EU regulations went into effect for the production, control and labeling of organic products. Organic certification addresses a growing worldwide demand for organic food. It is intended to assure quality and prevent fraud, and to promote commerce. Healthy Snacking when vacationing Small_6225535459_e4daa7c202 (2) When one thinks of summer vacation the words that usually come to mind are: relaxation, beach, mountain views, sunsets… and good old mindless eating! When people relax and get out of their daily schedules and routines their eating habits go haywire as well. But does it have to be that way? Definitely not! Eating healthy while on vacation is undoubtedly a hustle but it doesn’t have to be like that. Fusion Cuisine & Olive Oil Small_mousaka_1 Fusion cuisine is a cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions. Olive Oil, due to fusion cooking becoming so popular, has enjoyed a surge in popularity. Olive Oil suits fusion cooking because it has huge health benefits, lowering cholesterol and reducing the chance of heart disease and cancer. Tzatziki: The Great Greek Dip Small_tzatziki Tzatziki or Tzadziki (τζατζίκι) is a well-known Greek appetizer or dip often use as a sauce for gyros and souvlaki.