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What is healthy eating? Small_epoch_products_greek_salad_by_ruth_l When some people hear the phrase 'healthy eating' they may run for the hills at the thought of lettuce and celery sticks! Healthy eating does not have to be boring SPICY MEATBALLS IN TOMATO SAUCE (SOUTZOUKAKIA) Small_spicy_meat_balls 1 kg/2 lb ground beef, 2 eggs, 1 sliced onion... Ssshh It’s a secret Small_content_epoch_products_olive_tree_by_disparkys The secret is finally out. The key to why Mediterranean food is simply amazing is due to one special ingredient, olive oil. Yes that’s right olive oil in its purest form makes a simple salad into a spectacular one. You will find that once you have added olive oil to your food you will not want to turn back. Is your Italian olive oil really Italian? Small_olive_oil_by_smabs sputzer The world seems to love Italian olive oil, and many bottles of oil seem to be packaged to display their Italian origin. 5 popular Greek delicatessen products Small_baked_feta_by plassen Olive oil is the bedrock of Greek cuisine, and pride of place on the deli shelves are bottles of PDO Kalamata Organic Extra Virgin olive oil. Is olive oil better for salads or cooking? Small_portait_greek_salad There is a lot of speculation surrounding the different types of olive oil and their uses. People wonder if extra virgin olive oil is better for salads or for cooking, and whilst some swear by using it in absolutely everything, others prefer to save it exclusively for salads and other uncooked dishes. Five fasting menu ideas Small_olive_bread_rolls_by_yoames_1 Fasting during the Lent is pretty common in Greece. Most people stay away from meat and dairy and some even fast from fish and oil, up until Easter.  Kalamata PDO olive oil, why people prefer it Small_popup_pdo250 Olive oil is a staple ingredient in any Greek meal. Signature olive oils can add a richness to bland meals, a heat to timid dishes and a texture to flat breads. Lovingly labelled 'liquid gold' by Homer, it is clear that olive oil and Greek cuisine are inseparable. Where Greeks use infused olive oil Small_epoch_products_green_olives Greeks have been infusing their olive oil with various ingredients for centuries. The tradition originated as an ingenious method of preserving herbs, tomatoes and vegetables and the outcome soon became a popular way of adding flavor to olive oil. WARM POTATOE SALAD Small_potato_salad 5 medium sized potatoes, 1 finely chopped onion, 1 teaspoon dried oregano... GREEK STYLE BRUSCHETTA Small_greek-style-bruschetta A recipe for Bruschetta with greek feta cheese STUFFED TOMATOES AND BELL PEPPERS (GEMISTA) Small_gemista 6 - 8 servings, 8 medium tomatoes, 8 medium peppers... GREEK YELLOW SPLIT PEAS (FAVA) Small_fava 2 cups yellow split peas, pickled over and rinsed, 1 finely chopped onion, Salt and freshly ground black pepper... OCTOPUS IN WINE SAUCE Small_xtapodi_with_wine 1 1/5 kg octopus, 1 kg fresh tomatoes, peeled... FISH SOUP (KAKAVIA) Small_kakavia_soup About 1 kilo or two pounds of fish, half small, half large, any fish will do but must be gutted and scaled... GREEK SALAD (HORIATIKI) Small_greek_salad The original recipe for the popular "Greek Salad". The health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Small_olive_oil_by_smabs sputzer Olive oil is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years and its nutritional value and benefits in overall health cannot be emphasized enough! There are different types of olive oil, but extra virgin olive oil may be the healthiest as it reduces heart disease and damage from free radicals and acts preventatively against breast and colon cancer. Organic Certification process in Epoch Products Small_planitis On 1 January 2009 new EU regulations went into effect for the production, control and labeling of organic products. Organic certification addresses a growing worldwide demand for organic food. It is intended to assure quality and prevent fraud, and to promote commerce. Healthy Snacking when vacationing Small_6225535459_e4daa7c202 (2) When one thinks of summer vacation the words that usually come to mind are: relaxation, beach, mountain views, sunsets… and good old mindless eating! When people relax and get out of their daily schedules and routines their eating habits go haywire as well. But does it have to be that way? Definitely not! Eating healthy while on vacation is undoubtedly a hustle but it doesn’t have to be like that. Olive Oil Packaging: What’s the Best Way to Package Oil and Why? Small_popup_pdo250 For the consumers who love to cook, one of the most common questions is what type of container is going to give me the extra virgin olive oil with the best flavor?  The Rise of Olive Oil around the world Small_epoch_products_teaser_our_olive_oil Olive oil has been used forever, but why is the northern European region seeing a 40% increase in sales in 5 years? First pressed Olive Oil Small_popup_ladivirgin500 First press olive oil means that the olive oil is extracted through the use of a press rather than through other means of extracting the oil. No artificial methods have been used to remove the oil from the olives and the olive fruit was crushed once.  Tzatziki: The Great Greek Dip Small_tzatziki Tzatziki or Tzadziki (τζατζίκι) is a well-known Greek appetizer or dip often use as a sauce for gyros and souvlaki.