A traditional fish roe delicacy, Bottarga, or in Greek “Avgotaraho” is Greece’s answer to caviar. It is produced from the eggs of the female Flathead mullet, “mugil cephalus”, indigenous to Greek lagoons, which is caught from mid August until the early days of October. The production process has not changed much through the years. Once the fish is caught, the whole roe pouches are removed, washed with water, salted with natural sea salt, dried under the sun, and sealed in layers of melted natural beeswax.

The beeswax provides a natural way of shielding the product from oxidation while allowing it to keep its humidity. The result is a hard slab of rare and precious sea-food deliciousness. It has a characteristic spicy flavour and aroma, but is also appreciated for its nutritional value, notably its high content in essential Omega 3 fatty acids. Cut the Bottarga in very thin slices. Remove the wax from around each piece. Preserve the remaining waxed Bottarga in the refrigerator, covering the exposed part with plastic wrap. It can be preserved refrigerated for one year, but consumption is recommended within 10 months.

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