Product Quality & Customer Service

Our team is supported on a daily basis by professional agriculturalists and food technologists. We travel around Greece every year to personally meet with the producers, visit their olive groves, taste their products and select only the finest of them to bring to our clients. All of our products go through strict and thorough testing in processing, bottling, packaging and standardisation, in order to become certified with international quality assurance standards, such as BRC, IFS & EN ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP). This is how we can be sure that when our clients or end customers try our products, they will taste what we in Elgea originally tasted and gave it our seal of approval.

To ensure product safety, for all of our products we apply an efficient electronic traceability system that allows us to go instantaneously back to the source, creating an all-around-the-process security shield. Going further on securing quality at all stages, we are one of the few companies who, for every client order, place random samples under strict chemical analysis in order to ensure that everything is in compliance with our quality standards. Then and only then is an order ready to go. 

Customer Service really matters to us. We value our clients as our right hand and we strive to meet their expectations by exceeding ourselves. That is why our team in Elgea offers an almost 24/7 exclusive bespoke customer service. The needs of each customer become our priorities. Customised orders, re-tracking of any transportation means, accurate forecasts for expected arrival times of merchandise etc. can be provided by request at any day and time. After all, greek culture is based on hospitality, on simple yet unique pleasures, like the products and services we offer you.

Have a taste of Elgea. A taste of Pure Greece!