Greek Exports of Food and Drinks in Russian Federation

Elgea Ltd was proud to be of the major sponsors in the Greek – Russian Summit “Greek Exports of Food and Drinks in Russian Federation – Regional Collaboration” that took place in the Evgenidio Foundation in Athens on the 12th of December of 2012.

During the symposium where were participating delegations from the the Russian Federation Ministries of Health and Agriculture together with major Russian importers and distributors, Elgea’s CEO Mr. Athanasopoulos presented the major issues and problems of the Greek - Russian commercial affairs for the last ten years, together with the potentials for the future commercial activities with the Russian Market. A presentation of the “εpoch Pure Greece” product line and brand dynamics also took place. '(Copy of the whole presentation can be downloaded here).

Moreover “Elgea” had the chance to offer to the Russian and Greek delegations a tasteful trip through the unique Greek varieties of “εpoch” premium food products.

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