Greek cheese varieties

Cheese is an important ingredient in many Greek dishes. Whilst cheese can be the main ingredient in a dish, it can be used to sweeten a recipe, and add texture and aroma. Here are some of the cheeses which are favored in Greek cooking

Like all Greek cheeses, feta is exported all over the world and is highly regarded for its diversity. It can be soft or hard dependent on its production and packaging, offer a mild taste or a sharp tang. This adaptability makes feta a great ingredient, it is used in baked goods, casseroles, it can be used as a table cheese and even as a simple appetizer or an appetizer accompaniment.

Kefalotyri and Graviera are cheeses for those of an acquired taste. They are hard and salty cheeses which are primarily enjoyed as appetizers, usually grated or fried. They are excellent to add an interesting twist to dishes. 

Kaseri is a favourite in Greece as a table cheese, and one of the few yellow cheeses in the Mediterranean. It is great to balance the saltiness in olives, and compliment the acidity in tomatoey flavors

Of course there are also sweeter cheeses. Manouri and Myzithra are soft and light, and are often used in desserts and salads.

No matter the dish, there is a Greek cheese to suit all flavors. Starters, mezedes, main, or sweets, when utilizing the best properties of different cheeses you are guaranteed an authentic Greek taste.

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