Why 3rd generation Greeks still cook the Greek way

There is a lot of Greek influence prevalent in the western food today. Flavorings such as Olive Oil, Basil, Fennel, Oregano and Mint are widely used across Europe and the United States, and are the basis for the most traditional Greek dishes! It is because of these facts, and the ever-increasing selection of Greek grains, breads, vegetables and cheeses now readily available at regular supermarkets, that makes it easier for second and third generation Greeks to cook traditional dishes at home.

For me this is aided purely by my love of Greek flavors. Whether it is the impression left on my mind by fond memories of my Grandmother in an aroma-filled kitchen which have left me craving Souvlaki on a daily basis, I’m unsure, but I do know that my passion for all things Greek is a part of me I know I will never lose. There’s something so special about holding onto my roots, and using and reworking recipes passed down to me by my ancestors. 

Aside from my pride in my heritage influencing me, Greek food is extremely simple and wonderfully rewarding to prepare and eat. With so many different traditional dishes to suit any of my moods, as well as my day-to-day time and budget constraints, it’s easy to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal every single night. Whether I am eating alone, with my partner, or I’m sharing in a feast with all my friends, I love to explore and enjoy my Greek heritage through the textures and flavors of our food.

Regardless of growing up and living away from my country of origin, I can always find Greek ingredients easily, prepare them simply, and enjoy them completely. Continuing the legacy of great traditional Greek recipes is important to me, and I will continue to cook and share them with my family for generations to come.


photo by  fdecomite

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