What is Feta cheese

Feta is described to be a soft brined white cheese with tiny holes without skin (outer layer). It is usually made in large blocks formation which then is soaked in brine. The flavor of this cheese is a bit salty with tanginess in taste, categorized within the range of mild to sharp cheese.

Feta cheese is made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. It is produced by salting and curing it in brine solution which is typically base on whey or water for a few months. Once removed from the brine solution it will dry up quickly. Feta cheese should be bought directly from its brine solution bath. This will ensure the best Feta cheese quality. The newly bought cheese must be packed with some brine in it to keep this cheese in its perfect condition retaining its unique mild flavor and its moisture. To fully enjoy its great unique flavor allows the Feta cheese to adopt in its room temperature for about thirty minutes before consumption. Feta cheese will go well with any salad and can be used as topping for any flatbread as a great appetizer. It will also add a delicious tangy flavor to vegetable or dishes with beans or legumes for a creamier taste and texture. Feta cheese is a versatile cheese and a great addition to most side dish or main course dishes.

Authentic Feta cheese is made only from sheep’s or goat’s milk and it is exclusively made in Greece. What makes this cheese truly special are the biodiversity of Greece's land and the special breeds of sheep or goat that thrive there which give it unique distinct aroma and flavor. It was the European Union that declared Greece as the only makers and producers of Feta cheese which described the other as so called Feta cheese or mere imitation and now referred to as “salad cheese” and “Greek style cheese’. This statement made by the EU in 2002 is a standard that rules out Greece as the only source of authentic Feta cheese.

Feta cheese traces its origin back to Greece it is a brined curd cheese. It was during the Byzantine Empire that the first recorded history of Feta cheese was known. Feta comes from the Italian word “fetta” which means slice and that is the origin of its name.

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