What are Kalamon Olives

Kalamon olives are produced mainly in Greece. This type of olive is considered as a superior variety of edible olives which thrives in an arid environment with dry and low moisture soil in order the fruits to grow. It is cultivated in the areas of Messinia (formerly known as Kalamata) and Lakonia (known as Sparta) can also be found in the region of Agrinion in Greece. The Kalamon fruits usually ripen during mid-November to early January which is the late fall to midwinter.

There is only a slight difference between the Kalamon or Kalamata olives from the most usual olive trees. Olive trees are slow growing trees which are evergreen. Leaves are a little bit larger than the normal olive tree leaf. What is amazing about the Kalamon olive tree is that it can stay alive for thousands of years. But modern farmers would rather graft trees after 15 years to prevent the onset of some diseases that can affect its fruit production. The roots of the Kalamon olive tree extend widely from its base to get the optimum moisture that it could retrieve from this dry area.

The harvesting methods for the Kalamon olive tree are very simple. Greek farmers would not use any sophisticated machinery or tools for gathering the olives from Kalamon tree. They would simply install a net system around the tree to catch the falling olives. The next common practice of harvesting is to shake the olive tree branches using a makeshift long stick to shake the ripe fruit off the tree. The fruits will be picked up from the ground by the harvesters. Harvesting period could run from the latter part of December until the early part of January in order to give the Kalamon olive tree sufficient time for its fruits to ripen properly. Newly harvested olive fruits are being processed using only the traditional methods Greeks known for many years.

Kalamon olives are also famously known in other parts of the world as Kalamata olives. The Kalamon or Kalamata olives are the most popular variety of olives widely used in cooking and as an ingredient in a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes. The Kalamon with its distinct superior taste and quality is one of the widely exported Greek produce. The Kalamon olives are one of the top exported food items from Greece all over the world.

Kalamon or Kalamata olives are suitable in many food dishes. This type of olive is the common table olive that most people around the world are fond of. The Kalamon olives exude a salty and tangy taste that could give a nice kick to any food dishes. The Kalamon olives are included in some sandwiches, pizzas, rice dishes and small portioned tapas. Note that the Kalamon olives exude a rich color as well as distinct flavor this could some spark in salad dishes and rich rice meals.

The Kalamon olives go pretty well with dishes that have feta cheese-these two great pair of Greek delicacies could heighten the tasty flavor of any Mediterranean dishes. The Spanish dish Paella will exude a lot of flavor when Kalamon olives are added. Pizzas would be such a delicacy when Kalamon olives are added. Chicken dishes go well with Kalamon olives. The olives will pack a unique tasty flavor to any white meat dishes. Pasta dishes such as Pasta Primavera or a Cold Noodle Dish will taste more heavenly with Kalamon olives.

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