Tzatziki: The Great Greek Dip

Tzatziki or Tzadziki (τζατζίκι) is a well-known Greek appetizer or dip often use as a sauce for gyros and souvlaki. It is traditionally prepared in Greece by using strained Greek yoghurt with cucumber, garlic, Olive oil, salt and occasionally with freshly squeezed lemon juice and dill or mint or either parsley [read tzatziki recipe]. The usual ingredients in a Tzatziki dip are found abundant in the nation of Greece. The particular yoghurt use in this dip comes from sheep which produces a more condensed, creamy and thicker consistency. In taste the Greek yoghurt is probably the best because of its creamy texture and outstanding flavor.

In today’s modern kitchen the once traditional Greek Tzatziki has evolved into a more versatile dip and sauce for other variety of dishes around the world. Tzatziki now is widely accepted across the globe and being enjoyed by many people from different parts of the world. Food connoisseurs just loved the taste, the texture and the versatility of Tzatziki dip and more people are discovering the great taste of Tzatziki. The most common food use of this delicious dip is a dip or spread over pita bread, crackers and for vegetable dipping. One revolutionary way of serving Tzatziki is serving it with your favorite dish like grilled meats, souvlaki, gyros, falafel and fish. Its great mixture in terms of consistency, tanginess and exquisite taste had made Tzatziki the world’s favorite yoghurt based dip or sauce. Actually Tzatziki is very versatile that you could use this according to your preference. 

If you are planning to make your very own Tzatziki make sure that you are only using authentic Greek yoghurt for its full flavour. Take some time to watch the video by Web expert Matt Mullenweg

He demonstrated the best way to prepare this Greek delicacy. While the procedure and methods can be a bit tedious for some people it should be followed in order to create the authentic Greek delicacy in all its aspects Tzatziki. 

The perfect combination of Tzatziki ingredients like Greek thick yoghurt, the coolness of the cucumber, spicies, Olive oil and salt has unravel the very best tasting Tzatziki that are often followed by many food enthusiast in other parts of the world. Combining the Greek thick yoghurt with garlic and other ingredients would result into best homemade Tzatziki. 

Tzatziki dip has exceptional nutritional value that anyone can benefit. What truly makes this dish healthier is the inclusion of highly nutritious ingredient such as Olive oil and garlic and of course the Greek yoghurt. This dish contains a lot of protein, calcium and other vitamins that are essential to our daily living. The versatility of Tzatziki is endless, enjoy this to the fullest at home.


photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis

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