Types of olive oil

There several types of olive oil based on their acidity. They are categorized by the International Oil Council to:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil- obtained only through virgin oil production with no more than 0.8% acidity. This type of olive oil is very popular in Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy and it has a far more superior quality in taste. Used in most salads, added in stews and soups.
  • Virgin Olive Oil- made from virgin oil production and has less than 1.5% acidity and is known to have a good quality taste.
  • Pure Olive Oil- this is usually a mixture of virgin and refined oil production and labeled as Pure or just Olive Oil.
  • Olive Oil- a blend of refined and virgin with no greater than 2% acidity it usually lacks the characteristics of strong flavor.
  • Olive Pomace Oil- blended with some virgin oil and refined pomace olive oil. Has a more neutral flavor not suitable for food connoisseurs. Has same fat component as regular olive oil and is often used by restaurants and for home cooking in some countries.
  • Lampante Oil- is an olive oil not suited for food consumption. This type of oil is used in industrial purposes and in oil lamps.
  • Refined Olive Oil- made from virgin olive oil by method of refining which has no alterations in the glycosidic structure and has Oleic acid with not more than 0.3% for every 100 grams. Charcoal and other chemical were used in the refinement process.

Except the acidity base categorization, there is also categorization based in the way that olives grown up. If they didn't use chemicals, olive oil produced is characterized  organic.

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