Stuffed Olives: Versatile & Healthy

Stuffed olives can be a healthy, alternative and versatile snack, appetizer or addition to your food or drink. 

One of the best varieties of olives to stuff, is the Halkidiki olive, that originated in a region of Macedonia, Greece. This olive’s robust, meaty texture makes great snacks and appetizers, and when stuffed, they become a meal in themselves. Halkidiki's larger size with smaller pips makes it ideal for stuffing, and there are many possibilities for different dishes.

Halkidiki stuffed with garlic has an earthy and aromatic flavoring; a favorite of Mediterranean food lovers. With its crunch, full flavor and antioxidant qualities, garlic stuffed olives make a healthy, tasty snack. A fantastic addition to seafood dishes, pasta salads and even a risotto. 

The perfect addition to any martini is the Halkidiki Olive stuffed with Almond. The full bodied Olive is infused with the fresh, tasty crunch of the Almond which adds a flavor that compliments the martini or cocktail. This variation on the stuffed olive makes a delicious starter or addition to your drink. It is packed with antioxidants and packs a potent, delicious flavor. 

The ultimate appetizer to get your taste-buds salivating and excited is the Halkidiki Olive stuffed with Pimento. The sweet red pepper is a blend of exquisite flavors rather than a heated snack. It can also be a brilliant topping to salads or an excellent garnish. 

If you want to create your own version of stuffed olives try the pitted Halkidiki olives and let your imagination do the work: feta, citrus, nuts you name it!

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