St. Patrick’s Day, the Greek way

What is more traditional than going out for drinks on Saint Patrick’s Day? Partying, meeting friends and having a lot of beer is more or less what has to be done, whether you are Irish or not. But why shouldn’t we combine this celebration with some tasty food? I am not talking about bacon and cabbage, here; I am only suggesting some little dishes that match perfectly with a good beer and some Irish whiskey. So let’s see what happens, when we put the Irish tradition of drinking next to the Greek tradition of eating


A nice cold pint of a light, fizzy lager matches perfectly with a variety of dishes. The smooth and refreshing taste of this beer goes with almost anything. Try frying some diced pork in a little olive oil. Add a splash of water, the juice of two lemons, some white wine and oregano. Let that simmer and serve with a cold pint of your favorite lager beer. To make things even more interesting, crumble some feta in an oven-proof dish, grade some yellow cheese and add olive oil, pepper and some chilly on top. Pop that in the grill for five minutes and enjoy with warm bread. This cheese dip, with its creamy, spicy flavors is a perfect match not only for lager but also for…


Guinness is the most characteristic beer of this kind and it is the drink, most associated with St. Patrick’s Day. The combination of the smooth – almost lactic– flavor with that distinct burnt-like, coffee taste is really unique. Traditionally, Guinness goes with oysters so don’t hesitate to serve it with one of the most classic meze dishes: mussels lightly battered in flour and then fried in olive oil. These creamy, crispy bites will match any malty, dark beer perfectly.

Irish Whiskey

The smoky, nutty flavors of a good Irish whiskey can be tricky to combine with food. When, done properly though, this combination is very rewarding. Try a cold platter, making sure you add a lot of different smoked cheeses, some cold meats and maybe a pate. The smooth, woody flavor of the yellow cheeses will bring all of the whiskey’s aromas out. Whisky is also surprisingly good with some olives on the side, as their strong flavors cancel some of its bitterness out.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


photo  By istolethetv

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