Ssshh It’s a secret

The secret is finally out. The key to why Mediterranean food is simply amazing is due to one special ingredient, olive oil. Yes that’s right olive oil in its purest form makes a simple salad into a spectacular one. You will find that once you have added olive oil to your food you will not want to turn back.

Olive oil has become a family favourite for thousands of years and is a staple part of the Mediterranean diet. What easier way to get healthy than with an oil. It’s true it is rich with Omega-9 and is proven to improve cholesterol, blood pressure and blood clots. Want to live longer? Olive oil can help increase life span. It is not surprising why it is loved so much by Mediterranean people.

And best of it, it tastes great. There are not many things that taste good as well as being kind on the body. Makes a perfect healthy substitute of butter or even as a salad dressing, that’s how good it tastes. Don’t believe us, try it yourself!

This is fantastic news to hear!

So here comes the science. There are not many people in the Mediterranean region that suffer from illnesses such as diabetes and osteoporosis. As olive oil has high levels of osteocalcin which is proven to build strong bones, those than consume lots of olive oil benefit from strong bone structures instead of suffering from this bone disease.

As you can see the benefits are endless. If you have not discovered your love for this oil, get dipping your bread, and don’t forget the red wine.

photo by  disparkys

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