Kalamata PDO olive oil, why people prefer it

Olive oil is a staple ingredient in any Greek meal. Signature olive oils can add a richness to bland meals, a heat to timid dishes and a texture to flat breads. Lovingly labelled 'liquid gold' by Homer, it is clear to see that olive oil and Greek cuisine are inseparable.

One of the most popular oils in Greek dishes today is Kalamata P.D.O., one of Greece’s favorite olive oils. As its title suggests, it is a Protected Destination of Origin oil, and this origin contributes to its popularity amongst Greeks, and now the rest of the world.

One of the attributes which makes it so popular is that it has a long shelf life. Retaining its flavor for a long time means that it can distributed worldwide without the danger of spoiling,  and also means that it can be enjoyed seasonally, without need for regular repurchase.

Arguably, Kalamata P.D.O.’s most favorable quality is its distinctive taste. It has a full, fruity flavor with medium peppery notes, which make it versatile for not only cooking with, but also as a marinade base, or a salad dressing oil. This ability allows the oil to be used in countless meals to complement the flavors. Its versatility is mainly thanks to its low levels of acidity which also means that it is a much lighter dressing for salads and is much more subtle overall.

Kalamata P. D. O.  is a perfect addition to any meal. Whether it is a meat dish or a simple salad, Kalamata P.D.O will add that great Greek taste to your meal.. 

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