Ideas for Saint Valentine’s day's table

For Greeks, food is the ultimate expression of passion. There are hundreds of dishes in Greek cuisine, based on ingredients that happen to be aphrodisiacs. Fresh salads, elegant seafood, sexy deserts; so many options to choose from for your Valentine’s meal, let’s explore a menu of seduction.


Married sardines

For starters, I would go with this symbolic dish. Seeing two fish kissing on your plate is indeed very romantic and if you want to hint about the status of your relationship, here’s your chance (even the sardines are married!) Make a paste by blending a few olives, some olive oil and oregano. Filet your sardines and place them one on top of the other, trapping a thin layer of the olive paste between them. Then grill them and serve with fresh parsley. This dish’s rich flavor will match perfectly with a glass of chilled white wine whetting your appetite for more.

As your other half is waiting for the main course, be sure to serve some smoked bottagra canapés. This unique flavor transitions into the main course smoothly and matches the wine you are already drinking.

Shrimp linguini

This simple recipe will impress every single time. Take some shrimps and sauté them with a big glug of olive oil and a little garlic (don’t go too wild with the garlic, there may be some kissing to follow.) Once your shrimps get some color, add a glass of white wine and some sieved tomatoes. If you have fish stock, throw a little in as well. Let the sauce simmer while you cook your linguini. Once your pasta is ready, mix it with the sauce breaking a good amount of feta cheese in. I guarantee that this is one of the most sensual recipes out there!

Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts

This is an easy substitute for all those heavy desserts. Chocolate is an incredible ingredient but when it comes to aphrodisiacs, this recipe is considered the oldest trick in the book for us Greeks. Take a bowl and serve a generous amount of Greek yoghurt. Top that with a good quality honey and some crushed nuts. The contrast between the different textures will indulge your senses. Light a few candles, splash on that special perfume and give these recipes a whirl this Valentine’s. 

photo by jennifrog

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