Healthy Snacking when vacationing

When one thinks of summer vacation the words that usually come to mind are: relaxation, beach, mountain views, sunsets… and good old mindless eating! When people relax and get out of their daily schedules and routines their eating habits go haywire as well. But does it have to be that way?

Definitely not! Eating healthy while on vacation is undoubtedly a hustle but it doesn’t have to be like that. Think of a time when you had spent too much time eating junk, fried, highly processed food. I am sure you recall feelings of heaviness, dull skin and bloating. So why put yourself in that situation when you are actually meant to enjoy the sunsets and the sea?

Some simple ingredients you can take with you and some additional fresh ones you can buy in your vacation land could actually make a whole difference in how you look and feel during your vacation. The single most important item to pack –after your bathing suit or hiking gear of course- is a bottle of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). It doesn’t need refrigeration, it’s easy to carry, it’s super healthy and it can be used in several ways: get a freshly baked loaf of bread and dip it with some EVOO while at home or on the beach. This snack option will give you all the energy and goodness you will need to stay full and yet light enough to swim and play in the sea. Sprinkle it over fresh vegetables like lettuce, spinach and tomatoes to get all the fiber you need and the strong anti-oxidants EVOO carries.

 In addition, before you leave pack a jar of olives, pitted or stuffed, for that extra punch of flavor. Olives also do not need refrigeration, and they can last for years when preserved in olive oil in a cool dark place. Olives go perfectly with a slice of bread and some olive oil and their meaty flavor will surely keep you full and satisfied.

Stuffed olives can be a perfect snack or side dish to your beach meal as well. But also during those- after the beach or long hike-evenings at your summer place where a cool martini will accompany you, grab some stuffed olives instead of that bag of chips. The potent flavor and sourness of the olives will bring out the flavors of your drink much better than any other snack could do.

 Add a small cup of olive oil with a drop of balsamic vinegar and use it as a dip with some bread and you already have a super health mini meal in no time and quite affordable. Remember that a small amount of good quality EVOO can go a long way.

So, when planning of your next escape consider some mindful and healthy snacking, with simple wholesome ingredients that will keep you full, satisfied and healthy enough to enjoy those long walks and hikes.


photo by Moyan Brenn

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