Go Greek This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving celebrations are an important part of any culture in different countries. Thanksgiving Holidays are observed on a different time line and for different reasons across the world. Great tasting dishes are often the highlight on any Thanksgiving table. People gather around most specially families reunite for a day of celebration, for being thankful for all the graces and sharing each other’s company through good gratifying dishes.

This coming Thanksgiving celebration why not make this one extra special for you and your loved ones through a specially prepared Greek feast. Greek dishes are excellent for any Thanksgiving banquet and you will be in for a treat if you try Greek this Thanksgiving. For sure you and your family will appreciate food even better by making this Thanksgiving more memorable and such a pleasurable gastronomic adventure.

  • Start your Thanksgiving feast with Pastitsio a great Greek appetizer.
    A good appetizer would set the tone on any Thanksgiving table. Greek cuisine has so much to offer in terms of good feast starters. Why not try to cook and serve your very own Pastitsio. This is a traditional Greek pasta baked dish that is very good to serve as a Thanksgiving appetizer. This Greek pasta dish main ingredients are penne pasta noodles and ground beef and deliciously topped with béchamel sauce plus a good dash of Greek extra virgin olive oil. For trivia the Greek word “Pastitsio” means “hodgepodge” in English.
  • Add something green- Dolmathakia is perfect for a good starter dish.
    For a more rustic Greek flavored appetizer dish why not try this usual traditional Greek Thanksgiving meal “Dolmathakia”. This dish is very special and unique for its main ingredients are grape leaves which are stuffed with herbs, rice, pine nuts and Greek olive oil. This Greek dish is very healthy with high nutritional value and is usually served cold.
  • Go healthy with Greek salad.
    This flavorful Greek salad is a combination of many healthy ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and onions plus herbs and spices. But what truly makes it even tastier is the addition of Greek food products like black olives, extra virgin olive oil and tasty feta cheese. The Greek salad can go along well with any dish and can be eaten alone as a healthy snack food alternative.
  • A Greek main dish like Souvlaki with Tzatziki dip is perfect for Thanksgiving.
    The Greek cuisine offers a variety of meat dishes with ingredients in different textures and unique taste that can be a highlight in any feast or celebration. This Greek favorite delicious main dish Chicken Souvlaki is a deserving dish to be served on a Thanksgiving dinner. Serve this Greek chicken dish together with the very tasty Tzatziki traditional dipping sauce this superb dish is very ideal for the Thanksgiving table. Souvlaki is delicious on its own but made even extra special with Tzatziki sauce.This Greek classic dish is often referred to as Kebabs and the Tzatziki Greek yoghurt sauce is a perfect accompaniment to any grilled meat dishes or as dip for anything. Souvlaki has the finest ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and black Greek olives like Kalamata which makes it truly an extraordinary dish great for Thanksgiving.
  • Serve some Patates sto Fourno or Oven Roasted Potatoes as a great tasty side dish.
    The Patates sto Fourno or Oven Roasted Potatoes is perfect as a side dish to any meal. Serve this great tasting roasted potato as a side dish on your Thanksgiving table and for sure everyone will love the crunchiness and the crusty texture that will be followed up with a tangy refreshing taste of lemon with a hint of garlic. Of course this dish made extra special with extra virgin olive oil making this a lot healthier than the usual fried or baked potato dish.
  • Add some sweetness to your Thanksgiving table through Greek’s favorite dessert Baklava.
    The amazingly Greek cuisine has many wonderful and very tasty desserts and sweets that would satisfy even the most discriminating palates. Try to serve the Greek ancient version of the traditional sweets or dessert in Greece like Baklava. This classic pastry dessert dish is a mixture of tasty nuts like almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts with some uncommon ingredients like poppy seeds and sesame seeds sweetened traditionally through syrup made from grapes called Petimezi which uses a good quality olive oil and honey.
  • Delight kids and even adults with a tasty simple sweet treat like Chocolate Banana Puffs.
    For a more simple and easy to make Greek dessert the Sfoliata me Banana & Sokolata or Chocolate Banana Puffs is an excellent choice. Serve this great tasting sweet pastry that would be a delight to any guest on your Thanksgiving table. This Greek dessert only calls for a few ingredients like bananas, phillo or puff pastry sheet (store bought), some chocolate thick spread and almonds baked into a golden brown perfection then it is all set. Very simple and yet a sure hit that everybody and even kids will love, making your Thanksgiving feast complete and a true sweet success.

photo by takaokun

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