Fusion Cuisine & Olive Oil

Interestingly fusion cooking is not an entirely new approach. Greek cooking, for instance, has fused many cultures and diets over thousands of years. The staple dish, Moussaka, is an Arabic name topped with a French white sauce, for instance. In Spain and Portugal many dishes, renowned in those countries, such as Cataplanas and Paellas lend themselves to a melting pot of food cultures over centuries.

Fusion cuisine is a cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions. In the last 40 years fusion has become an accepted method of food preparation, especially in regions with great weather, a high number of immigrants and plentiful fresh products, such as Australia or California.

Fusion has developed due to several factors. The demand for healthier food ,the increasing travel experiences of diners ,the ease of sourcing fresh products and the increasing celebrity status of the chefs ,all striving for the latest signature dish.

Wolfgang Puck, a multi award winning, superstar Chef from California, has made fusion cuisine his own, offering dishes with strong Italian, French, Mexican and Pacific influences. Famed for his approach to freshness, healthy nutrition and lightness he sources locally for a global menu.

Olive Oil, due to fusion cooking becoming so popular, has enjoyed a surge in popularity. Olive Oil suits fusion cooking because it has huge health benefits, lowering cholesterol and reducing the chance of heart disease and cancer. Also its distinctive taste accentuates the flavour of all food ,and as it has a low smoke point temperature it is ideal for Wok frying and flash frying ,two typical methods of cooking fusion food.

It has a lightness that also suits the fusion cuisine, bringing the best out of fresh food as a dressing or garnish, without altering the taste of the food and adding a luscious finishing touch to a dish.

With 3.5 ounces of saturated fat per 100 grams of oil but also the highest percentage of health benefiting monounsaturated fat olive oil suits the healthy feel of fusion cooking and delivers the luxury and freshness demanded by the health conscious diner in California and Australia showing, once again ,the adaptability of olive oil in the modern era.

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