First pressed Olive Oil

Many people read first press olive oil and wonder what it means. How is it used? What are the best ways to use this kind of olive oil? Below are the facts about first press olive oil.

  • First press olive oil means that the olive oil is extracted through the use of a press rather than through other means of extracting the oil and that the fruit of the olive was crushed exactly one time-i.e., the first press. First cold pressed refers to the temperature range of the fruit at the time it is crushed usually not more than 80 °F (27 °C) during processing, thus retaining more nutrients and undergoing less degradation. In olive oil that is made in Greece, it’s very rare that the olives are heated.  This is mainly due to the high temperatures that Greece experiences naturally.
  • To use first press olive oil, particularly when it has been cold pressed, it’s a good idea to use it without heating it up.   It’s best when used for salad dressing. If it is used when cooking, it’s best to use it for foods that have low smoking temperatures of the other ingredients, since many cold first pressed olive oils often can’t take the heat. In general, to keep the flavor of first pressed, use it cold. This will help with preserving the delicious flavor of it.

To many people, the first press olive oil is far superior to the other types of olive oil that can be purchased on the market.  When you are looking for an oil that has an amazing flavor, first press is the way to go. For extra virgin oil to qualify as such, it has to come from first cold press, under standards established by the International Olive Council . Lower quality oils – those that aren’t extra virgin – typically are crushed multiple times and at higher temperatures to extract more oil from the fruit.

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