Experiencing the original Greek Salad for the First Time

Many people will remember the first time they ever took a bite out of the original Greek Salad which is served in any good Greek restaurant and home. The combination of fresh greens, tangy red onion, creamy feta and salty olives is enough to make even the most expert of tastebuds explode. The great thing about the original Greek salad is that it is healthy, full of protein, quick and easy to make! 

Making The Original Greek Salad
If you have never tried an original Greek Salad then you really do not know what you are missing! Those that have but want to be able to recreate the flavours at home, will love this recipe for the perfect mix of feta, olives and salad.

Remember to serve it up with some gorgeous, crusty bread and perhaps some real Greek olive oil for dipping

The Greek Taste Sensation – What makes it so good?
Many people have wondered what makes the original Greek salad taste so good! The truth is, it is all about the products you put in it. If you opt for cheaper, supermarket own olive oil or olives then you will find it is not quite up to scratch. Adding the luxury Greek feta, olives, oil and salad will create a taste sensation that will impress friends and family. Everyone will be rushing to find out your recipe and where you got your ingredients from!

The people of Greece never opt for the cheapest alternative, not when it comes to their food. This is why they remain so healthy, in shape and most of all, happy!

The Nutrition Facts about the Original Greek Salad
If you are on a diet, or want to know exactly what you are consuming, then here are some nutrition facts about the original Greek Salad.

  • Less than 220 calories in your average serving of Greek Salad! This means you can enjoy one for lunch without feeling guilty.
  • Around 5g of mono-saturated fat which is vital for maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Over 10g of protein which is an incredible amount for just one serving (eggs have 6g and are seen as high in protein)! Protein is great for building muscle and living a healthy lifestyle.

As you can see, not only does the original Greek Salad taste incredible, but it is good for your health too! 

photo by Ruth_L


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