Benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is obtained from the fats of the fruit of the olive tree which is very common in the Mediterranean area. Manually or mechanically the oil is being extracted from the olive fruit it can also be done through chemical procedure. Olive oil is used in food preparation and cooking, as a component in some beauty products and pharmaceutical as well. The use of olive oil is recognized worldwide but it is more popular in Mediterranean countries.

Mediterranean Diet and Olive Oil Connection

Mediterranean diet is probably the best diet when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle. Its major fat source is olive oil which is very healthy. Diet like this consists mainly of legumes, fruits and fish. Dairy products and meats are consumed in moderation making this diet ideal for good health. Olive oil is the best oil when it comes to great health benefits. 


Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is a good source of anti-oxidants that can greatly boost the immune system. It can help in fighting off infections and many other diseases. Such as:

  • Cancer- Olive oil contains oleocanthal, squalene, lignans which are very good in controlling inflammation. It can help in decreasing the risk for certain cancers particularly breast cancer.
  • Heart Disease- Olive oil is very good for the heart. It contains healthy fats that can lower down the level of bad cholesterol which is the leading cause of heart disease.
  • Blood Pressure- it can help regulate and normalize blood pressure in terms of systolic and diastolic factors.
  • Diabetes- Olive oil can help improve the blood sugar level and enhance insulin function in the body.
  • Osteoporosis- Olive oil can help in the effective absorption of calcium. High amounts of olive oil can improve bone calcification and mineralization making bones healthier.
  • Hair Protection and Growth - Studies have shown that oleuropein which is found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very effective (maybe even more than some chemical pharmaceutical products) in protecting the hair health, reduce and stop hair-loss and even help in the hair re-growing. The below link provides all this information after actual tests performed have proven all this, and most importantly with significant short-term results. (

The benefits of taking olive oil in regular diet are very essential in maintaining good health and are a preventive measure against many debilitating diseases. Consuming good amount of olive oil through diet is a delicious way of living healthy and young.


photo by jules:stonesoup

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