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What are Kalamon Olives Small_epoch_products_photos_teaser_our_olives_v1 Kalamon olives are considered as a superior variety of edible olives which thrives in an arid environment with dry and low moisture soil in order the fruits to grow. Varieties of Olives Small_content_oasis12 Olives come in many varieties depending on the region where it originated and cultivated. Go Greek This Thanksgiving Small_epoch_products_dolmathakia Thanksgiving celebrations are an important part of any culture in different countries. Garnishing your cocktails with Greek Olives Small_epoch_products_martini_almond_by_geishaboy500 There are many different cocktail recipes which require you to add a garnish of olives, all that are very tasty and elegant. What is healthy eating? Small_epoch_products_greek_salad_by_ruth_l When some people hear the phrase 'healthy eating' they may run for the hills at the thought of lettuce and celery sticks! Healthy eating does not have to be boring Tzatziki: The Great Greek Dip Small_tzatziki Tzatziki or Tzadziki (τζατζίκι) is a well-known Greek appetizer or dip often use as a sauce for gyros and souvlaki. What is Feta cheese Small_feta_new Feta is described to be a soft brined white cheese with tiny holes without skin. It is usually made in large blocksformation which then is soaked in brine. Elgea Ltd will participate at SIAL Paris 2012 Small_focus-paris Free Invitations are available at our offices in Athens for those of you nterested in visiting the event. The Huffington Post Oasis Small_oasis1 “Elgea” is proud to announce that it has successfully sponsored “The Huffington Post Oasis” held in both National Conventions of the two major Political Parties of USA during 2012 Presidential electoral campaign. Summer Fancy Food Show – 17-19 June 2012 Small_summer-fancy-food-show-2012-021 We are glad to inform you that “Elgea” Ltd., participated in the Summer Fancy Food Show 2012, one of the largest specialty food shows worldwide.