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10 Facts About Olive Oil Small_epoch_products_teaser_our_olive_oil Greece is the world’s third largest producer of olive oil and the world’s largest exporter of extra virgin olive oil.  Its extra virgin olive oil is so good that it is exported even to countries such as Italy and Spain. Caviar and Its Varieties Small_epoch_products_teaser_bottarga Caviar is synonymous with the rich and famous. A very expensive delicacy a favorite appetizer by wealthy people caviar has earned its place in terms of status symbol. 10 Tips to Guide You to Healthy Eating Small_epoch_products_healthy_eating_child Being healthy is very important not only for the reason of having a good appearance but also for keeping our body stronger and more resistant to diseases. Why Greek people love feta so much Small_epoch_products_feta_bread_by_theresac So why is the Greek national cheese so important to our cuisine? What is hidden behind the common misconceptions about the infamous feta cheese? 10 Greek meals that Greek Feta is necessary to eat with Small_epoch_products_feta_saganaki_by merle ja joonas Feta is one of the most used ingredients in many Greek meals. This crumbly cheese has a salty and delicious taste that makes it great in salads, pastry and as a table cheese. Here are the 10 Greek meals that feta is necessary to eat with! Benefits of olive oil Small_epoch_products_tomato_salad_by_jules-stonesoup Olive oil is obtained from the fats of the fruit of the olive tree which is very common in the Mediterranean area. Types of olive oil Small_epoch_products_teaser_our_olive_oil There several types of olive oil based on their acidity.  What are Halkidiki olives Small_epoch_products_green_olives Halkidiki Olives are large pale green Greek olives in oval shape and commonly harvested while it is still young. 5 Salads to eat If you want healthy food Small_epoch_products_green_for_salad_by_martathegoodone When people say the word salad it is often refer to fresh and raw green vegetables salad with the usual typical salad dressing. Experiencing the original Greek Salad for the First Time Small_epoch_products_greek_salad_by_ruth_l Many people will remember the first time they ever took a bite out of the original Greek Salad