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Feta Cheese - the real deal Small_feta_new.jpeg _cropped Feta cheese has been made in the rocky mountains and coastlands of Greece since Homer's Cyclops herded sheep. The first monopoly in the world was about Olive Oil Small_illustrerad_verldshistoria_band_i_ill_107 Olive oil was used for trade purposes all around the Mediterranean 3000 years ago, and it is not just a basic component of what we use to call today as “the mediterranean diet”. 2013 Santorini’s year of gastronomy, Fava with olive oil, the Santorini’s gourmet "secret" Small_epoch_products_2013_santorini_by_andreas_kontokanis _cropped Fava with olive oil, the gourmet ‘secret’ that Santorini’s Mayor wants everyone to know. Is your Italian olive oil really Italian? Small_olive_oil_by_smabs sputzer The world seems to love Italian olive oil, and many bottles of oil seem to be packaged to display their Italian origin. Ssshh It’s a secret Small_content_epoch_products_olive_tree_by_disparkys The secret is finally out. The key to why Mediterranean food is simply amazing is due to one special ingredient, olive oil. Yes that’s right olive oil in its purest form makes a simple salad into a spectacular one. You will find that once you have added olive oil to your food you will not want to turn back. Spanish, Italian or Greek olive oil? Small_epoch_products_olive_tree_by_yellow_cat Lovers of olive oil have always wanted to know which olive oil offers the maximum benefits and whether there are any differences between Spanish, Italian, or Greek olive oil. 5 Alternative Uses of Olive Oil Small_epoch_products_olive_oil_massages_cdaisym Olive oil has been used for thousands of years for everything from wound healing to lamp fuel. What makes Feta so different from other white cheeses? Small_feta_new Feta is the cheese that caused a series of legal battles, which lasted more than ten years. The result was for feta to be registered as a protected designation of origin (PDO) product. 7 Meals With Greek Olives Small_epoch_products_mediterranean_pizza_by_derekthomasla Think of Greek olives and you will almost certainly think of Horiatiki – the infamous Greek salad of olives, tomatoes, cucumber and feta.  5 tips for healthy eating with Greek products Small_epoch_products_greek_dinner_by_avlxyz The Greek diet is regarded as one of the healthiest in the world; the high consumption of olive oil, fruit and vegetables, the moderate intake of fresh fish and healthy dairy (such as feta and Greek yoghurt) is proven to be beneficial for the body in many ways.