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Clean Monday’s Menu Ideas Small_epoch_products_kite_by_strollers   The first day of the Lent in Greece is called ‘Clean Monday.’ On that day, people get together and fast from meat, dairy and some even fast from fish and oil. St. Patrick’s Day, the Greek way Small_epoch_products_stpatrick_by_istolethetv What is more traditional than going out for drinks on Saint Patrick’s Day? What are the different types of Greek Cuisine? Small_portait_spicy_meat_balls Greek Cuisine are a great and varied selection, influenced by many countries and traditions as well as being infused with Greece’s own traditional heritage and culinary experimentation. 7 Great Dishes Made With Greek Deli Products Small_epoch_products_feta_with_sesame A look at some fantastic meals you can create with Greek deli products. Ancient Greece and Olives Small_epoch_products_parthenon_olive_by_timandpaula The Olive has been a huge part of life in Greece since the ancient years 5 popular Greek delicatessen products Small_baked_feta_by plassen Olive oil is the bedrock of Greek cuisine, and pride of place on the deli shelves are bottles of PDO Kalamata Organic Extra Virgin olive oil. Does Greek Gourmet Cuisine Use Butter? Small_epoch_products_galaktobouriko_by_avlxyz_1 There are many reasons for the widespread use of olive oil in gourmet Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Ideas for Saint Valentine’s day's table Small_romantic_dinner_by_jennifrog A lot of Greeks see Saint Valentine’s day as a foreign custom, but what we love best is cooking for and eating with our loved ones; So naturally, enjoying a lovely dinner on February 14th is something I personally wouldn’t miss out on! What are the differences between green and black olives Small_epoch_products_green_black_olives_ by nikoretro Olives are the fruit of a tree native to the Mediterranean and is a staple in Greek cuisine. Greece was actually the first country to cultivate olives and is now one of the world’s largest supplier of olives and olive oil.  Spanish olive oil price soars after poor harvest, while Greek oil prices only marginally up Small_epoch_products_by_katrina.tuliao_philippine-stock-market-board As reported in Ecomonitor this month, the futures price of olive oil has risen 75 per cent in the last 7 months with retail prices expected to follow.