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Where Greeks use infused olive oil Small_epoch_products_green_olives Greeks have been infusing their olive oil with various ingredients for centuries. The tradition originated as an ingenious method of preserving herbs, tomatoes and vegetables and the outcome soon became a popular way of adding flavor to olive oil. Kalamata PDO olive oil, why people prefer it Small_popup_pdo250 Olive oil is a staple ingredient in any Greek meal. Signature olive oils can add a richness to bland meals, a heat to timid dishes and a texture to flat breads. Lovingly labelled 'liquid gold' by Homer, it is clear that olive oil and Greek cuisine are inseparable. What price caviar: food of tsars, shahs, emperors, oligarchs and billionaires? Small_epoch_products_caviar_by_annieroi Caviar, the unfertilized eggs of just three species of sturgeon, has long graced the tables of the rich and the powerful and continues to be one of the world's most highly prized luxury foods. The battle of feta! Small_popup_feta In 2002 a European ruling recognized feta cheese as a Greek branded product under the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Prior to the ruling, the battle for feta had been going on for thirteen years because of challenges with other European Union nations. A fistful of dollars: five years of turmoil in global olive oil prices Small_epoch_products_by_katrina.tuliao_philippine-stock-market-board As every eighth grade student knows, price is a function of two forces - supply and demand - and nowhere is this better illustrated than in the fluctuating price of olive oil. Greek cheese varieties Small_feta_new.jpeg _cropped Cheese is an important ingredient in many Greek dishes. Whilst cheese can be the main ingredient in a dish, it can be used to sweeten a recipe, and add texture and aroma. Here are some of the cheeses which are favored in Greek cooking. Five fasting menu ideas Small_olive_bread_rolls_by_yoames_1 Fasting during the Lent is pretty common in Greece. Most people stay away from meat and dairy and some even fast from fish and oil, up until Easter.  Why 3rd generation Greeks still cook the Greek way Small_fdecomite_greek_flag There is a lot of Greek influence prevalent in western food today. Flavorings such as Olive Oil, Basil, Fennel, Oregano and Mint are widely used across Europe and the United States, but are the basis for most traditional Greek dishes! Greek Olive Varieties Small_epoch_products_photos_teaser_our_olives_v1 _cropped There are hundreds of different olive varieties in Greece, usually named after the areas in which they are grown Is olive oil better for salads or cooking? Small_portait_greek_salad There is a lot of speculation surrounding the different types of olive oil and their uses. People wonder if extra virgin olive oil is better for salads or for cooking, and whilst some swear by using it in absolutely everything, others prefer to save it exclusively for salads and other uncooked dishes.