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Greek style Cheese: Does this only mean Feta? Small_popup_feta When anyone mentions the words ‘Greek’ and ‘cheese’ in the same sentence the first, in fact the only cheese that comes to mind, is Feta, yet Greece produces many other good cheeses.  Olive Oil Packaging: What’s the Best Way to Package Oil and Why? Small_popup_pdo250 For the consumers who love to cook, one of the most common questions is what type of container is going to give me the extra virgin olive oil with the best flavor?  How do different cultures eat Bottarga? Small_pasta_bottarga_by_iban Bottarga -the dried fish roe- developed in several places in the world simultaneously, in Northern Africa and Arab countries such as Egypt, Israel, and in Southern Europe such as Greece, Italy and Turkey. Healthy Snacking when vacationing Small_6225535459_e4daa7c202 (2) When one thinks of summer vacation the words that usually come to mind are: relaxation, beach, mountain views, sunsets… and good old mindless eating! When people relax and get out of their daily schedules and routines their eating habits go haywire as well. But does it have to be that way? Definitely not! Eating healthy while on vacation is undoubtedly a hustle but it doesn’t have to be like that. Bottarga: the humble origins of a world delicacy Small_epoch_products_teaser_bottarga One of the most vexing questions in culinary history is how humble ingredients make it to become some of the most sought out delicacies in the world. The history of Bottarga (botargo or avgotaraho in Greek) is one of these ingredients. Organic Certification process in Epoch Products Small_planitis On 1 January 2009 new EU regulations went into effect for the production, control and labeling of organic products. Organic certification addresses a growing worldwide demand for organic food. It is intended to assure quality and prevent fraud, and to promote commerce. Who said you can’t have your feta and eat it too? Small_feta_new.jpeg _cropped Cheese in general is a vital component of health eating as long as we know the facts behind it and choose it wisely. Feta has been debated, supported or opposed as a healthy nutritional choice mainly on the grounds of its high sodium and cholesterol levels. But how valid are these arguments? Good things come in small packages! Small_popup_mixed Greeks know that olives can complement any dish, thus making it one of the most widely consumed foods in their dietary daily habits.When trying to decide whether to choose green or black olives let your palate make that choice, but here are some facts about their nutritional value, in case you were wondering: Stuffed Olives: Versatile & Healthy Small_popup_halkidikijumbo Stuffed olives can be a healthy, alternative and versatile snack, appetizer or addition to your food or drink.   The health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Small_olive_oil_by_smabs sputzer Olive oil is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years and its nutritional value and benefits in overall health cannot be emphasized enough! There are different types of olive oil, but extra virgin olive oil may be the healthiest as it reduces heart disease and damage from free radicals and acts preventatively against breast and colon cancer.