5 Salads to eat If you want healthy food

When people say the word salad it is often refer to fresh and raw green vegetables salad with the usual typical salad dressing. But in today modern food cooking salad has evolved into so many other varieties with many kinds of dressing and with wide array of toppings. The creative mind and the exploration of taste had led to many wonderful salad creations of fresh leafy vegetables, fresh fruit slices, nuts,meats and different dressings. There are so many salad variations or perhaps create your own version of healthier salads by choosing healthier ingredients the options are endless and the choice you will make is all up to you so it is only smart to know more about your salad ingredients and dressings to decide what are the best and the healthiest salad that you can enjoy.

The Green Salad
The traditional green salad would consists of typical green vegetable leaves which will often involve lettuce as the main base ingredient with some cucumber slices and a sprinkle of fresh spring onions. But today we have so many choices for our greens aside from the usual lettuce you can now include baby spinach, red chard, rocket and watercress. Try to use other lettuce variety like lamb’s, frisee endive and Romaine in your green salad. Top it off with some wonderful Greek extra virgin olive oil and you’ve got an extra healthy salad.

The Grain Salad
People now are more adventurous when it comes to taste incorporating new ingredients and experimenting with flavours to add variety, texture, taste and more nutritional value into their salads. The incorporation of Middle Eastern taste like Turkish and Moroccan made its way into today’s salad through the use of couscous and bulgur wheat. This grain based salad would have a unique but tastier blend with the incorporation of herbs and spices which could include mint, coriander and cumin. Grain salads now are becoming popular among fine restaurants and even in home cooking. Grains are very low in fat, a good source of fiber and truly satisfying and packed with energy giving nutrients that would make you feel more energetic to go about your day. Dressing your salad with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar will make a tangy treat.

The Chicken Salad
Chicken is an ideal ingredient for healthier salad it is very low in fat and contains fewer calories than most meats. Chicken on your salad can be served hot or cold depending on your salad preference. For better tasting salad a chicken fillet in your favorite flavouring such as light soy, lemon juice and other spices. It can be grilled, steamed or broiled for more flavour. Best combine with ginger, tarragon and garlic. Drizzle it with some olive oil and lemon squeeze as your healthy dressing for great tasting salad.

The Vegetable Salad
Vegetable salads are very colorful with the medley of different vegetables combined. Pick whatever you like carrots, beets, bean sprout and spinach. This is very healthy and can be very tasty too. Combining a variety of colored vegetables would maximize your nutritional benefits. You could also throw into the
mix some nuts and berries for some added yummy delight. As for the dressing you can use Extra virgin Greek olive oil, mustard, honey and lemon squeeze.

The Cheese Salad
Adding cheese to the medley of various vegetables and fruits could really intensify its flavor to a whole new level. Cheeses like feta, mozzarella, goat’s cheese better known as Feta and cottage cheeses are the best healthy choices for salads. Feta and olive oil are the perfect mix.
Apple, pear with cheese is a good salad combination. Throw in some fresh tomato, peach and avocado to satisfy your fruit cravings. Combining feta cheese with spinach is superb in taste and very healthy.

Who says salads are boring and not satisfying? In today’s food culture where everyone is open to new eating experience taking your taste to whole new level is really worthwhile especially if you are very keen in eating a regular serving of one of these healthy but great tasting salad varieties. Remember to dress your salad with exquisite Greek olive oil for that extra healthy benefit.

photo by Martathegoodone

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