10 Tips to Guide You to Healthy Eating

Being healthy is very important not only for the reason of having a good appearance but also for keeping our body stronger and more resistant to diseases. One part of having a healthy lifestyle is to have good healthy eating habits. Eating healthier foods are very beneficial to our whole being, mind, body and spirit. Our bodies need the right nutrition from healthy food in order to function properly and strengthen our resistance to diseases. It would be best to start eating healthy now and for sure the rewards are priceless.

Many have tried to eat healthy but often lose the battle against tempting unhealthy foods. That is why many of us eat beyond our limits, consuming many calories that could only hurt our bodies and make us ill. If you are one of those who are having difficulty in eating healthier then let the simple tips below guide you to better eating for good health.

Simple Tips to Healthy Eating:

  • Know your food and know your ingredients. It is important that you know which food group is the best and which ones to avoid. Having the correct knowledge would really help you understand about how food works and will guide to better food choices. Good healthy Greek products such as Feta cheese and Olive Oil are the purest and healthiest ingredients to use for healthy living.
  • Select the best. Since you already have the idea as to what foods are best and what type of food are bad when eating consume more of the good stuff. Like having a big bowl of fresh Greek salad before your main dish or fresh fruits for sure these tasty treats will satisfy your taste and your hunger.
  • Eat less of the sugary foods, carbohydrates, dairy products. These food groups should be consumed in moderation since sweet foods are loaded with calories just like carbohydrates.While dairy products such as butter, milkshakes, milk chocolates, mayonnaise contain unhealthy fatty oils that could add up to cholesterol build up in the body. The basis of the Mediterranean diet, the healthiest diet in the world is olive oil. Did you know that cooking and even frying with olive oil has enormous health benefits?
  • Avoid all junk foods and processed foods. Not only do they contain high fat levels and sodium content they also have other forms of unnatural preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers that can harm the body. It is very best to steer clear from these food types.
  • Don’t eat in front of the television. Eating while watching your favorite TV show would only result to more food consumption since you are very engrossed in watching you are not able to make a conscious effort to stop eating when you are full. Eating while watching would only lead to overeating.
  • Buy from your local food producers. When shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables is best to get it direct from your local producers. For sure you get your produce in great quality that are fresher, preservative free and often organically grown than grocery bought food items. And local fruits and vegetables taste even better and very fresh.
  • The speed at which you eat is important. Slowly chew and enjoy your food. When eating it is advisable to eat slowly by chewing your spoonful one at a time. Slow eating with trick the mind that you already consume more thus preventing overeating. And at the same time your food is properly digested and you will be able to savor the taste with each bite.
  • More fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating more of these would benefit you, fruits and vegetables are a good source of essential vitamins and minerals that your body need.
  • Learn to know when to stop eating. People tend to overeat because they thought that they need more food to satisfy their hunger but the truth is they only satisfy their appetite. Learning to listen to your body will definitely remind you that you had enough.
  • Eat more home cooked meals. Instead of eating out in some fast food joint or restaurant it would be better and healthier to cook meals at home. We have some great Greek recipes right here on this site. Enjoy them! Cooking at home is a great way to bond with family while enjoying healthier and tastier meals. Home cooking also lets you save some extra cash.

photo by Stegsie

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