10 Greek meals that Greek Feta is necessary to eat with

Feta is one of the most used ingredients in many Greek meals. This crumbly cheese has a salty and delicious taste that makes it great in salads, pastry and as a table cheese. Here are the 10 Greek meals that feta is necessary to eat with! 

1) Spanakopita (or Spinach pie)

Quite possibly the most famous Greek dish to be used with Greek Feta cheese is the Spanakopita. Made with thin phyllo pastry, spinach, feta and onion, this is a great snack or part of a main meal. When baked, the pastry will turn golden in colour and the feta will have melted in with the spinach to create a taste sensation!

2) Greek Style Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a popular starter or side throughout the Mediterranean and can come with a whole range of flavours and toppings. The Greek Style bruschetta is topped with tomatoes, olives, oregano and of course Greek feta. Perfect as a canape for guests or as a stater before a main meal.

3) Feta cheese with sesame and honey

For those who want to experience Greek feta in a whole new way, this is the perfect recipe. Using a whole block of feta along with raw honey, sesame seeds, egg and olive oil, this sweet dish can be served as part of a main meal or along with a plain side salad.

4) The Original Greek Salad

Everyone that has been to Greece will have had at least one Greek salad on their travels. This beautiful salad has a good mix of saltiness and flavour that will have you asking for seconds. For the best salad make sure you use premium quality Greek feta and olives.

5) Greek Beans (Fasolakia)

Fasolakia is a traditional Greek recipe that has been passed down through generations. This classic way of cooking green beans (with onion, potato, garlic and tomatoes) is served as a delicious stew along with a large chunk of Greek feta.

6) Stuffed tomatoes and bell peppers (Gemista)

A perfect main meal that will suit even the fussiest of eaters, this Greek dish has every box ticked when it comes to healthy eating. The vegetables are stuffed with rice, Greek feta, onions and seasoning before being baked along with potatoes soaked in olive oil. If you do not want to add the feta inside the vegetables then it can be served alongside instead.

7) Greek Feta Saganaki

This appetizer is packed full of yummy flavours that make it a real treat to start. Fried much like the sesame seed and honey version, only using oregano and Greek olive oil to flavour instead. It is served normally with fresh, thickly cut tomato and basil.

8) Mediterranean Pizza

Those who enjoy making home made pizzas may sometimes be stuck for topping ideas. Greek feta cheese goes so well with pizza that you'll wonder why you've never tried it before! You can also top with olives, onions, peppers and drizzle with olive oil for a truly Mediterranean pizza.

9) Souvlaki

Souvlaki is the original Greek kebab, normally served with just meat such as pork and in pita. An excellent alternative is a pure Feta souvlaki. Replace the meat with large cubes of Greek feta. Skewer the cheesy chunks in exchange of meat! This is very popular among Greek vegeterians!

10) Tiropita or tyropita

There are plenty of different types of Tiropita that you can find in Greece, depending on the size and shape of the pastry. Normally, these delicious treats are full of Greek feta and eaten as a late breakfast or during fasting. 


photo by Merle ja Joonas

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